What is peaberry coffee?

Haven’t you ever been confused with the name “peaberry coffee” yet? Not yet, right? Neither do I. As a coffee lover, you have already known arabica, robusta and even excelsa. You do know cappuccino, espresso, latte, or americano, etc. So, what is peaberry coffee? The answer is that it is not a coffee variety like arabica or robusta. It is not a way of coffee preparation, either. On the contrary, this coffee is a special form of coffee beans themselves. Normally, a coffee fruit (arabica or robusta) will have two coffee beans. But, some coffee fruit forms only one coffee bean. These beans are called peaberry. More specifically, peaberry has a form like a pea. It is rounded and not flat. It also has other name of one – seeded coffee bean.


A Vietnamese green Robusta peaberry coffee.

How many types of peaberries are there in the world of coffee?

As stated above, peaberry is not a variety of coffee. It is a special coffee bean. And it can be visualized within any coffee variety itself. As a result, we have (1) arabica peaberry; (2) robusta peaberry and (3) excelsa peaberry. Commercially speaking, arabica peaberry and robusta peaberry are the two main kinds.

  1. Arabica peaberry. This coffee is resulted from arabica coffee trees. A regular arabica will have a very charmingful coffee aroma. But its peaberries are even better in taste and aroma.
  2. Robusta peaberry. It, of course, is from robusta coffee trees. Robusta, basically, is very strong, robust and bitter. But its peaberries are much higher in caffeine content. It is extremely strong. And it is even not recommended to new coffee drinkers.

Although arabica and robusta are two different kinds of coffee and you can easily recognize the right one, it is difficult to distinguish which one is of robusta and arabica. They have a very familiar outside appearance.

What are the main characteristics of peaberry coffee?

This is a special coffee bean. Is it like regular beans? In reality, a peaberry coffee is entirely different from regular coffee beans in terms of outside appearance; aroma and taste; caffeine content and pricing.

  1. Outside appearance: it has only one bean; the others have two beans.
  2. Aroma and taste: taste and aroma of peaberry are better than the others.
  3. Caffeine content: this is the most featured characteristic. It is richer in caffeine content as compared to the same coffee types.
  4. Pricing. It is often marketed as a more premium coffee bean as compared to regular ones. Thus, its price is higher and more expensive.

You may refer to the table below for more understanding of this coffee:


Arabica, Robusta and Peaberry in comparison.

Peaberry coffee in Vietnam?

As a world’s no #1 robusta coffee producer, peaberry coffee in Vietnam is mainly robusta. GREENRAWCOFFEE can offer robusta peaberry of large quantities sourcing directly from local coffee farms across Vietnam.

peaberry roasted

In Vietnam, peaberry coffee is called “culi” coffee and marketed as a premium coffee.

What is the consumption of this coffee?

The volume of peaberries is not many. Normally, coffee roasters advertise it as a kind of specialty coffee due to its limitation on quantity. Peaberries sometimes are mixed with regular coffee beans to improve the taste and aroma of the blending and to increase the premium of it. Peaberries in Vietnam are also called “culi” coffees. The culi is advertised as a very premium coffee bean in local market.

To sum up, peaberry is not a coffee variety. It is a special form of coffee bean itself. It has only one rounded beans as compared to two regular beans. In theory, we can harvest arabica, robusta and excelsa peaberry. The coffee is often marketed as a specialty due to its scarceness and limitation. In Vietnam, it has other name of culi coffee. The culi coffee is considered as Vietnamese premium coffee bean and has expensive prices. Peaberry is rich in aroma and taste as well as higher in caffeine content.