We love coffee. We believe that every one will love coffee since he or she first drinks it. We have been in the industry for years with sound experience. Our company is based in Vietnam known as world’s second largest coffee producer. And, it is certain that we can supply most common types of coffee beans from Vietnam. Aiming to become a Vietnam-leading coffee wholesaler, we have strived our best to supply best–selected coffee beans to global coffee buyers at a competitive price. Not only that, we are an one–among–not many coffee supplier in Vietnam those who can offer all–in–one solutions for coffees thanks to our focus on coffee. And we are able to meet customer’s various demand from green coffee beans to roasted coffee beans, ground coffee powder of different grinding sizes, instant coffees and instant coffee mixes. Among them, the business of supplying green coffee beans is one of our cutting–edge activities, which helps us to stay competitive.

Green raw coffee – What is it about?!

Greenrawcoffee.com is run & managed by Vaima company limited. Green raw coffee focuses on delivering most common types of green coffee beans; or in other word, raw coffee beans cultivated in Central Highlands region, Vietnam to the world’s buyers. As a wholesale green coffee supplier in Vietnam, we source green coffees directly from local farms to offer good quality coffee beans to our customers worldwide.

What is our target?!

Green raw coffee focuses on delivering flexible and affordable minimum order quantity (MOQ) to our customers across the globe. We pay our efforts to supply good coffee beans to small coffee-makers, local roasters, local traders, and small medium-sized enterprises (sme), etc. those who have already served a million of cups of coffee to their local coffee lovers and local communities for years with their own identities and blends.

green raw coffee with its peaberry beans

An image of green peaberry coffee beans supplied by greenrawcoffee.com.

Our targets:
  • To focus on local roasters; local blenders and local coffee traders and brands.
  • To deliver flexible & affordable minimum orders. Unlike other green coffee suppliers those who require big minimum order quantity (MOQ) up to containers, we – green raw coffee – ship smallest orders possible (even one kilogram/ order).
  • Wholesale prices. As we source directly from local farms and sell directly to the end-roasters, our coffees stay very competitive with good and consistent quality.
  • To offer a wide range of products. We offer a very wide range of green coffees that are sourced from many coffee planting areas throughout Vietnam.

Our core competitiveness?!

Doing business in Vietnam which is known as world’s second largest coffee producer enables green-raw-coffee to take its competitiveness in wholesale prices; abundant supply abilities, product varieties of green coffees and so on.

  • Green coffees varied. As a green coffee wholesaler, we supply most common types of green coffee beans from robusta (all screens & all sizes); arabica (all screens & all sizes); peaberries (one-bean/ one-seed green coffees); certified green coffee (UTZ; 4C & Rainforest Alliance) and decaffeinated green coffee beans.
  • Stay focused. We focus on trading and doing business in Vietnam agro-related products and commodities in which the country has competitiveness.
  • Flexible orders. We ship orders at any quantity, although we are a wholesaler in green coffees. That is, the green raw coffee does not require a minimum order. We wish our customers start the business with the as-much-as-affordable orders for their peace of mind.
  • Farms direct sourcing. Green raw coffee sources its green coffees directly from local farms nationwide. We have a widened purchasing network in main coffee-growing areas throughout Vietnam. This also helps us guarantee quality of green coffee beans and stay updated at the market trends right on farms.

How is greenrawcoffee.com governed?!

Green raw coffee is a business division run and managed by WSCAFE. The site together with wscafe.com is one of “satellite” sites by Vaima Co., Ltd to create its online presence on the Internet. Green raw coffee supplies many types of green coffee beans from Vietnam to coffee buyers worldwide. It also pays much attention on small and medium size buyers, local traders, local retailers and wholesalers and local roasters or coffee brand owners those who brew a lot of coffee cups for their local communities everyday.

Towards a Vietnam-leading green coffee wholesaler, green raw coffee strives its best to meet customer’s demand by offering good quality green coffees at a wholesale and affordable price.

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